News for Drivers

Wayne McCoy was the winner of the 2017 Pride in Your Ride contest.

McCoy wins Pride in Your Ride contest

This year’s Pride in Your Ride competition was a close one. Judges and voters were challenged to narrow down their favorites to just twelve.

Congratulations to Wayne McCoy who took 1st Place in our contest.  Wayne’s  winning photo will be prominently displayed in next year’s calendar. Addtional winners are Lee Dentler,  2nd Place winner, Joseph Martin, 3rd Place winner. Honorable mentions were awarded to the following: Jay Kindall, Rickie Williamson, Rockford Wagaman, Sonja Tucci, Jeff Newcomb, Edward House, Eduardo Gonzalez, Steven Moody, and Kevin Thrush.

What does Responsible Care mean? 

Responsible Care – what does this mean to Quest Liner, our employees, our customers, and the general public? Operating with a Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) in place is an organizational commitment to continuous improvement in elements pertaining to environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S). As a member of the American Chemistry Council, we have accepted the responsibility to raise our expectations by constantly looking for ways to improve our EHS&S performance. Every person plays a role in supporting our goal of continuous improvement. Clean tanks, well maintained equipment, legal dispatch, on-time service, no product hits the ground at any time, accurate billing and driver pay, customer pays the bill and license/permits/insurance meets or exceeds requirements. Each step requires each person to follow the correct procedures for us to be successful.

The American Chemistry Council has 151 member companies that are in the production of chemicals and 104 partner companies that support the supply chain and distribution of these chemicals. These members and partners continue to make improvements to protect people and the environment, and at the same time look for ways to more efficiently produce products that are safer to handle while using less energy to produce.

What can you do? Reuse/recycle, no spills of any fluids, proper disposal of all fluids, reduce idle time and improve MPG, efficient driving habits and travel paths, inspect all equipment you use and report defects to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, or down time, double check everything to make sure our service is 100 percent perfect (paperwork, product, placards, right product in the right tank, etc.), and don’t become complacent.

If everyone is on top of their game at all times, we are truly operating under the umbrella of a quality Responsible Care Management System (RCMS).

Blue Grass, Washington terminals focus on safety

The Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal held a safety meeting on April 29. The main topics of discussion were complacency and how to eliminate it, CSA and how to protect your score and rollovers and how they can be prevented. Participants at the Blue Grass safety meeting in the photo on the right, included: front, Gary Bozarth; back row, Joe Holmes, Dan Morgan, Randy Woolison, Chris Seaberg, Kirk Livd Tyler, and Neumann. Missing from photo, Tim Yochum and James Red.

Larry Rochau, Quest Liner operations manager, addressed driver safety, and CSA points during the Quest Liner Washington, IN terminal safety meeting on June 6.  The meeting was held at Knepp’s restaurant in Montgomery, IN where everyone enjoyed breakfast and socializing before the meeting. Below left, Bill Kessler, Mike Scott, Chris Moore, Ernie Collins, Dave Sattler, Bill Petty, Larry Rochau, Steve Moody and Gary Hertel.


Terminals host safety meetings

The Quest Liner Houston, TX terminal held its safety meeting on May 20.  Photo below from left, Juan Suarez and Randy Goodwyn. Also attending in second photo are from left, Daniel Logan, Daniel Orea, Jaime De La Fuente and Kathy James.



Kyle Goodsman, Quest Liner Channahon, IL terminal manager, discussed summer driving, CSA, and distracted driving at the April 29 safety meeting. Other topics of discussion included loading and offloading struggles and improvements. Among those attending the meeting, included: from left, Mark Mathias, Pete Pena and Mike Cox.



Among the topics addressed at the Quest Liner Waterloo, IA terminal safety meeting on June 5, included safe summer driving, including construction and work zones, and CSA scoring with a focus on unsafe driving, HOS, and DOT reportable accidents. From left, Debra Allen, Darwin Allen, Bruce Wehner, Namanla Wayleh, Joe Shriver, David Lynn, and Brad Schwestka; back row, Roger Monteith and Lindsay Monteith.

Caudron reaches 1 Million Safe Miles Mark

Kevin Caudron, driver for the Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal, achieved 1 million safe miles and was presented with the 10-year safety award in May. Kevin is the first Quest Liner driver to be presented with the safety award. Thank you, Kevin, for going above and beyond and always putting safety first!

Iowa Motor Truck Association 2017 Truck Driving Championships

On June 15-16, Foodliner and Quest Liner drivers competed in the 2017 Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) Truck Driving Championships, which were held in Altoona.
Representatives of the company included:
• Quest Liner – Jeff Woodard, Blue Grass
• Quest Liner – Kirk Lidke, Waterloo
• Foodliner – Richard Fairchild, Eddyville

Quest Liner Driver Interview

Name: Ryan Kingston
Company: Quest Liner
Terminal: Washington, IN
Hire Date:
January 21, 2013
Spouse’s name: Deb
Children’s Names: Garret and Olivia
What is your favorite TV show? “NCIS”
What is your favorite movie? “Tombstone”
What is your favorite food? Steak
What is your favorite dessert?Brownies
What kind of music do you listen to ‘80s
What was the first concert you attended? Beach Boys
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Hilton Head, SC
When I was a kid, I wanted to be rich when I grew up.
My advice for being happy and successful is… Don’t take anything for granted.
If I won the lottery, I would… retire and move to Hilton Head, SC.
Name one person, living or dead, that you wish you could talk to and why? Someone from WWII to obtain information on how they survived daily.
What three words best describe you? Honest, loyal, dedicated.
If you had the power of time travel, what time and place would you travel to? The 1880s.
What would you like to be famous for? Being me.
Tell us something most people do not know about you? I owned a shrimp boat and clam boat.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
People that don’t want to work.
My dream vehicle is… 2018 F-250
When I’m not at work I like to… Work in the yard.
What is a modern convenience you cannot live without? Microwave.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Put family first.

Christensen now heading Lease-Purchase Program 

Katy Christensen, a member of the Foodliner/Quest Liner team since 2009, recently assumed the role of coordinating the Lease-Purchase Program, which assists company drivers looking to join the lease-purchase program, as well as existing operators who are looking to upgrade.
Katy assumed the role after assisting with the program since last December. She will also continue with her duties with the Safety and Claims department.
Katy is enjoying her new duties and hopes the lease purchase program will continue to grow with more drivers finding success as owner operators. If you have questions about the Lease Purchase Program, contact Katy at 563-451-1279 or

2017 Pride In Your Ride Contest

• First Place Winner –
$1500 travel voucher
• Travel must be arranged and paid through the corporate office
•  Second Place Winner – $500
• Third Place Winner – $250
• Honorable mentions – $100

• Entries due Oct. 1, 2017
• Must be a Foodliner or Quest Liner Driver or Owner Operator
• Photos cannot include people or animals
• Photos must be of high quality and high resolution
• Suggested mobile phones: Galaxy or iPhone
• Shooting at maximum resolution
• Camera’s setting should be set at least 5 pixels, large picture size, 100% jpg quality
• Suggested resolution: 300 dpi
• Photos must be untouched and unaltered
• Smart device filters cannot be used
• Photos must include full tractor or tractor and trailer
• Drivers cannot have more than one entry that is awarded a prize
• Winning entries will be determined by corporate staff judging and displayed in the 2018 Foodliner and Quest Liner calendars

• Make sure the entire tractor or tractor and trailer is included in the photo
• Watch for shadows, power lines, vehicles and other objects in the background
• Lighting is important. Photos that are too dark or light will not reproduce
• Try to find a clean, nice looking patch of cement or roadway
• Avoid digital zoom with your cell phone. If you need to get closer,
move closer. You will get a much better photo.
• Print your picture in a 8×10 to make sure it looks as good printed as it does digitally
• Be sure to send photos at full resolution. Most phones will resize when emailed, which leads to lower resolution.
To enter, submit a picture of your tractor trailer or tractor to Bridget Leary at Entries can also be submitted via Facebook message to the Foodliner or Quest Liner pages. Please label all entries PIYR. Entries due Oct. 1, 2017.

Quest Liner Driver Interview – Anthony Wedgeworth 

Driver Name: Anthony Wedgeworth
Terminal: Tuscaloosa, AL
Pleasant Grove, AL
Time With Quest Liner: 7 months
Time in Industry: 20 years
Spouse’s Name: Latanja 
Children’s Name: Anthony Jr and Sally
Military Branch: Navy Veteran
Hobbies: Drag Racing.

Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?

A: Sleep, lol. I really enjoy being outside and working in my yard.

Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?

A: I hauled a load of rohypnol into a secured bunker underground that was hidden by a corn field. I thought I was in a movie.

Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  What do you do to stay safe while performing that task?

A: Driving in general. You always
have to take your time and be attentive to who and what is going on around you.

Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to and why?

A: Moody Air Force Base. They get you in and out efficiently and the loader likes to drag race so we have a lot to talk about.

Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?

A:  I like that I am allowed to be me. I am not treated like a number.

Q: What help/advice would you give to a new driver with FLI/QLI to help them succeed?

A: Listen to the long timers both in the office and in the trucks. You can learn more from the people that have been here doing it, than you ever will on your own.

Waterloo drivers escort ‘Wall That Heals’

Brad Schwestka (left) and David Lynn

On May 17, Brad Schwestka and David Lynn joined their fellow riders from the Amvets Post 49 to provide a motorcycle escort for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. Also known as The Wall That Heals, it is a half-sized replica of the wall in Washington D.C. Brad and David are drivers for the Quest Liner Waterloo, IA

terminal and are active members of the Amvets Post 49, one of the largest rider groups in the nation. Thank you, Brad and David, for your commitment to honoring our Veterans!

Ostofi represents Quest Liner at Homecoming Days

From Larry Rochau,
Quest Liner Operations Manager

Marcus Ostofi, Quest Liner shop tech for the Blue Grass, IA terminal, drove a Quest Liner tractor and liquid tanker in the Blue Grass, IA Homecoming Days Parade on Sunday, June 4. Marcus made sure the equipment was looking clean and tossed out candy to the spectators. Thank you, Marcus, for taking the time to support our community and for proudly representing the Quest Liner team.

Washington terminal focuses on CSA, safety numbers, and customer service

Participating in the safety meeting include: from back left corner, Michael Scott, Terry Inman, Bill Kessler, Ernie Collins, Chris Moore, Mark Walker and Ed Senn.

On March 4, the Quest Liner Washington, IN terminal held its first quarter safety meeting at Knepp’s Restaurant in Montgomery, IN. The meeting was well attended by drivers and employees who enjoyed breakfast and socializing before and after the meeting. The main points of discussion were CSA, safety numbers and customer service.

10 Tips for Driving Safety in Work Zones

1. Expect the unexpected!

2. Slow down!

3. Don’t tailgate!  Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.

4. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the construction workers and their equipment. Pay attention to the signs! 

5. Obey road crew flaggers!

6. Stay alert and minimize distractions!

7. Keep up with the traffic flow.

8. Schedule enough time to drive safely and check radio, tv, and websites for traffic information.  

9. Be patient and stay calm.

10. Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your CSA score.

Blue Grass Terminal Talks Safety

From left, David Russell, Jim Steeples and James Red.

The Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal held its quarterly safety meeting on Saturday, March 11th at the Blue Grass terminal. Tyler Neumann, terminal manager, was the presenter. Elog compliance and speeding were the main topics. The drivers enjoyed doughnuts and coffee and participated in great discussions.

CVSA’s 2017 International Roadcheck Enforcement Event to Take Place June 6-8 with Special Emphasis on Cargo Securement

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck will take place June 6-8, 2017. Over a 72-hour period, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers.

Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. This year’s focus is cargo securement. While checking for compliance with safe cargo securement regulations is always part of roadside inspections, CVSA is highlighting cargo securement safety this year as a reminder of its importance to highway safety.

Inspectors will primarily be conducting the North American Standard Level I Inspection, which is the most thorough roadside inspection. It is a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Drivers are required to provide items such as their driver’s license, hours-of-service documentation, motor carrier registration and shipping documentation, and inspectors will be checking drivers for seat belt usage and the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The vehicle inspection includes checking items such as the brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft, exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices (required lamps), steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels, rims and hubs, windshield wipers, and emergency exits (on buses).

International Roadcheck is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute in Canada, the United States and Mexico during a 72-hour period. Since its inception, more than 1.5 million roadside inspections have been conducted during International Roadcheck campaigns.

International Roadcheck is a CVSA program with participation by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada, and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).

Eliminate CSA Unsafe Driving Violations and Protect CSA Records

DO NOT SPEED specifically in the 30 to 55 mph speed zones and Work Zones

• 54% of all Unsafe Driving violations come from SPEEDING

• 69% of all SPEEDING violations come from 6-10 mph over SPEEDS

• Work Zone SPEED violations (any type, even 3 mph over) are considered SERIOUS CSA violations and will result in 30 Unsafe Driving points and loss of driver incentive for 12 months.


•  8% of all Unsafe Driving violations come from SEAT BELT violations


Thanks again for your efforts to work safely while serving and delighting our customers. Please make CSA and safety a priority as we “Go The Distance” in 2017.

Michelin Hosts Training for Quest Liner Techs

On March 7, Phil Arnold and Brian Kintzle from Michelin held a seminar for Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA technicians. Some of the topics discussed were wheel preparation, proper mounting and dismounting of tires, tire wear, and open discussion. The seminar was interactive, giving some of the technicians an opportunity to practice what they had learned.

Quest Liner Driver Interview – Matthew Miller

Driver Name: Matthew Miller
Terminal: Blue Grass, IA
Hometown: Homer, MI     
Time With Quest Liner: 6 months
Time in Industry: 1.55 years
Spouse’s Name: Tammy
Children’s Name: Molly, Lucas and Ruthie
Hobbies: Fishing, kayaking, hiking on nature reserves.
Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?
A: Spending time with my family.
Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?
A: I took a load of alcohol to Washington State. I drove across I-90 in the winter and was in awe the whole time by the beauty of this country.
Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  What do you do to stay safe while performing that task?
A: Watching for unsafe drivers as I drive down the road. I try to stay alert so I can anticipate and avoid risky situations.
Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to and why?
A: Fifth Generation. It’s a great customer to deliver to because it is easy to get to, they have great customer service and it is in route to get home.
Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?
A: To be able to provide financially for my family while working for a great company that looks out for their drivers.

A: Be all in when you are on the job. Help others when needed. And always try to have a positive attitude.

Houston hosts ‘happy’ safety meeting

Randy Goodwyn and Katherine Steagall

The Quest Liner Houston, TX terminal held its first safety meeting of the second quarter on April 8 at the Golden Corral. The drivers enjoyed a meal before the meeting and birthday cake brought by a fellow driver to celebrate Randy Goodwyn’s birthday. Randy is an owner operator for the Quest Liner Houston terminal.

Marvel earns Tech of Quarter title

Steve Marvel

Congratulations to Steve Marvel, a shop technician for the Foodliner Newark, DE terminal, for being named the Foodliner/Quest Liner Technician of the Quarter.
Marvel, who has been with Foodliner for seven years, earned the honor after scoring the highest point total on a 25-question Infinit-I Skills/Knowledge test. With the honor, Marvel earned a $1,000 American Express card and company apparel, as well as a chance to compete for the Top Tech of the Year honor in the spring of 2018. All hourly maintenance technicians and one man shop foremans, with one year of service can qualify.
The next round of quarterly testing will take place in June.


Channahon, IL Terminal Relocates

The Quest Liner Channahon, IL terminal relocated in 2016 to the Quala Wash facility in Joliet, IL. The new location will be more conducive to the current customer and driver needs. Thank you to everyone for your patience during this transition.

Quest Liner Interview

Pitagoras Pena

Driver Name: Pitagoras Pena
Terminal: Channahon, IL
Hometown: Rolling Meadows, IL
Time With Quest Liner: 7.5 Years
Time in Industry: 35 years
Spouse’s Name: Marisol
Children’s Name: Pitagoras Jr., Christian, Juan
Hobbies: Going to the movies, swimming and dancing.
Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?
A: Taking care of my family, going to restaurants and traveling.
Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?
A: My first chemical load.
Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  What do you do to stay safe while performing that task?
A: Other drivers. Slow down and be aware of your surroundings.
Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to and why?
A: Owens Corning. They always have room for the load and they are nice people to work with.
Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?
A:  Being on time, being professional and taking excellent care of our customers.
Q: What help/advice would you give to a new driver with FLI/QLI to help them succeed?
A: Be professional with the customers.

Quest Liner Blue Grass Holds Safety Meeting

The Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal held a safety meeting on Jan. 21 at the I-80 Truck Stop in Walcott, IA. The attendees enjoyed a social breakfast from the I-80 Kitchen before the meeting. Tim Yochum and Larry Rochau presented a wide range of topics including CSA hours of service and common violations, transportation security, road courtesy/driving etiquette, and 2017 benefits updates.

Quest Liner Driver Trainer Announces Retirement

Ron Wiebold, veteran, driver trainer and professional truck driver, has announced his retirement from Quest Liner, Inc. effective Feb. 28, 2017.
Ron began his professional truck driving career at the age of 16 when he received his chauffeur’s license.  Ron served our country during the Vietnam War in the United States Army.

Ron Wiebold

He was assigned to the Signal Corps, stationed on the East Germany border, where he learned Morse Code and monitored radio communications during the conflict.
He began driving tractor trailer units in 2001, and in 2002 began his tank truck career with Gless Brothers. In 2007, Gless was acquired by The McCoy Group, Inc. and shortly thereafter, Ron became a driver trainer. He has shown himself to be passionate about teaching and mentoring new hires with Quest Liner and reviews of his training methods are consistently positive.
As an ambassador for safety, Ron has represented Quest Liner in Iowa Motor Truck and National Tank Truck Carrier competitions and remains active in his own community Neighborhood Watch program.  He and his wife, Linda, enjoy antique collecting, including a beautiful 1970 Monte Carlo which he shows from time to time.  We thank Ron for his years of service with Quest Liner and wish him years of happiness and good health in the future.

Corporate Fleet Manager Training

Jon training fleet managers on CSA.

On Dec. 28, the Foodliner Fleet Managers attended training at the corporate office. The topics covered included CSA, presented by Jon Stenzel, director of training and recruitment, and owner operator/lease purchase financials, presented by Louie Wills, regional vice president. The CSA training helped the fleet managers fully understand the impact CSA has on drivers and the company. The owner operator/lease purchase presentation covered the difference between company drivers, owner operators and lease purchase program drivers so the fleet managers can more effectively run their boards.

2017 Driver Trainer Meetings Held in Dubuque on Feb.  3, 10

A special thanks to all for your commitment to training and unselfishness by attending, supporting, or participating at this year’s driver trainer meetings. Many of you took time out of your busy

Driver Trainer/Fleet Manager breakout session discussing challenges and solutions.

schedules to either directly participate or indirectly participate behind the scenes, helping prepare and coordinate details and schedules.
The night before each meeting, we had an informal social get-together, which allowed the driver trainers

interaction time with fleet managers, administrative staff, regional managers and corporate staff. It was a great time that got the competitive juices flowing as folks played bean bags, ping pong, and pool.
The theme of our 2017 driver trainer meetings was “retention.” The power packed day included a surprise timed “hands-on” pre-trip inspection competition, fleet manager/driver trainer group breakouts discussing obstacles and challenges, as well as solutions to improve communication, relationships and quality. Other agenda items: technology/apps; regen./DT12; CSA, entry-level driving training; sales update; heart and stars teamwork group exercise; road call process; methods review with liquid, dry, and Haz Mat trailers; two different retention presentations; safety update; and a special guest speaker from the Iowa Department of Transportation who discussed how roadside inspections impact driver/carrier CSA scores, the importance of pre/post trip inspections, preventions tips, dos and don’ts and how an inspections can go bad.
The ongoing challenge for each of us is to take what we learn and execute. Please continue to coach, mentor, and interact with your driver trainers and teams daily, working to enhance Communication, Quality, and Teamwork which will positively impact our retention, safety, service and future growth.
Thanks again for your commitment to training.


Copperhead Distillery praises Hertel

Gary Hertel

From Tyler Neumann, Quest Liner Terminal Manager, Blue Grass, IA
Gary Hertel, Quest Liner driver for the Washington, IN terminal, was recently praised by Copperhead Distillery for his knowledge of our equipment and his professionalism. While offloading, Gary had an issue with the pump leaking. He immediately addressed the issue and prevented additional product from being lost. Gary then worked diligently with other Copperhead Distillery employees to set up a temporary pump to complete the offload in a timely manner.  Thank you, Gary, for delivering value through safety and performance for our customer!

Front from left, Anthony Guyton, Herbert Ryan and Derrick Hedgemon Jr.; standing, Mickey Moore, Phillip Robinson, Derrick Hedgemon, Michael Rogers, Markeise Brooks, Andre Black, Angelia Gann, Jimmie Stallworth, Tonya Wilson, Bill Machen, Jimmy Beams and Newman.

Quest Liner Tuscaloosa Drivers Gather for Safety Meeting

On Dec. 10, the Quest Liner Tuscaloosa, AL terminal held its Fourth Quarter Safety meeting. Barry Newman led the meeting and covered winter driving tips, CSA updates and Health Check 360.

Nineteen drivers attended and enjoyed a buffet breakfast and time to socialize.

Christopher, Holmes go extra mile for customers

From Tim Yochum, Quest Liner General Manager/Responsible Care Coordinator and Larry Rochau, Quest Liner Operations Manager

Thank you to all of the Quest Liner terminal managers and fleet manager for your daily efforts to go above and beyond. We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from customers regarding what a great job you are all doing. Keep up the good work!
Barry Christopher, Blue Grass, IA tank wash, put in extra hou

Barry Christopher

rs over the December holiday, washing trailers so they would be ready for customer demand after the holidays. Thank you, Barry, for your dedication to customer service and hard work.
Joe Holmes, Quest Liner driver for the Blue Grass, IA terminal, provided excellent customer service over the holidays to fill a short notice customer need. Joe

Joe Holmes

emptied seven trailers on Dec. 24 and 26 for CPG in Muscatine, IA. Thank you, Joe, for going above and beyond for our customer!

Drivers Speak Out

Pictured left to right: Mike Linder, Jerry Bacus, Larry Remmie, Jim Rhodes

The spring manager meeting was held on February 17, 2017. Four drivers from Foodliner and Quest Liner attended the meeting and were asked to present honest opinions on what is happening in the field. Each driver spoke about three challenges they face every day and three reasons they stay with Foodliner or Quest Liner. The fleet, terminal and regional managers found the driver insight to be very valuable and steps are being taking to not only acknowledge but also address the concerns that are within Foodliner and Quest Liner’s control.

Thank you , Mike, Linder, Quest Liner driver, Blue Grass, IA; Jerry Bacus, Foodliner driver trainer, Kenosha, WI, Larry Remmie, Foodliner driver; and Jim Rhodes, Foodliner driver, Eddyville, IA, for taking the time to attend and share your insights.

Quest Liner Driver Interview

Driver Name: John Crowner
Terminal: Blue Grass, IA
Hometown: West Burlington, IA
Time With Quest Liner: 8 Years
Time in Industry: 16 years
Spouse’s Name: Jennifer
Children’s Name: Justin and Jenna
Hobbies: Playing softball and baseball with my kids.
Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?
A: Spending time with my family.
Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?
A: The Mint in Philadelphia.
Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  
A: Driving. There are a lot of distracted drivers on the road.
Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to?
A: Titos.
Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?
A: That I’m delivering half of a screw driver.
Q: What help/advice would you give to a new driver with FLI/QLI to help them succeed?
A: Slow down, it increases your stopping distance.

Reminder: Winter driving can be dangerous

From Jeff Wesenberg, Executive VP & COOFrom Jeff W

This picture was taken a few winters back by a Quest Liner truck that was stopped on US 20 near Sioux City, IA. It is a great reminder of how severe road and weather conditions can become. We want all of our teammates to be prepared for both the driving conditions and for the cold temperatures. Please be prepared and be safe.




Introducing Top Tech Program

From Kyle Neumann, Foodliner/Quest Liner Maintenance Director

Foodliner aFDLQL_TopTech2017nd Quest Liner have started a Top Tech Competition. Each quarter, one technician will be chosen as a finalist and acknowledged for his/her knowledge, skills, professionalism and commitment to continuing education. In early 2018, the four top technicians will compete in the grand championship. The winner will be named Foodliner/Quest Liner Grand Champion and will receive a $5,000 Visa gift card, company apparel, a traveling trophy for his/her terminal and will be featured on a poster. Hourly maintenance technicians and one-person shop foremans, with one year of service can qualify to participate.

Driver Mobile App Receives Strong Reviews

From Stacia Stumpf,
Foodliner/Quest Liner Employee Relations Coach

Thank you to everyone who is utilizing the mobile app. We are glad to see that the driver trainers have been encouraging all Foodliner and Quest Liner drivers to incorporate the app into their daily work routine. The drivers using the mobile app are giving great feedback saying the mobile app is user friendly, helpful and a time saver. Drivers and driver trainers with smart devices are encouraged to download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
“As a new but experienced driver to Foodliner, I am glad they have an incentive program. It is great that I can keep track of my progress on a daily basis with the incentive tab. I also like knowing where I am with PACOS using the scorecard tab. It definitely gives you a goal to keep aiming for.” Daniel Jackson, Foodliner driver for the Chattanooga, TN terminal.
“It is nice to be able to scan documents through the app. I like how I get a confirmation e-mail that I can save knowing that the corporate office has received my paperwork.” Jeff Barnett, Quest Liner driver for the Ottumwa, IA terminal.
“I like the fuel stop feature so I know where I can fuel and stay within the network. It is also nice that I can get all of my load information to my phone. I do not have to be in my truck to get my next load.” Jerry Bacus, Foodliner driver trainer for the Kenosha, WI terminal.
If you have questions regarding the mobile app, please contact Stacia Stumpf at 563-584-2675 or at

Corporate staff spreads holiday cheer

Sandy Eicher, Jody Waechter and Samantha Rogan
Sandy Eicher, Jody Waechter and Samantha Rogan

The corporate giving tree
The corporate giving tree

Sandy Eicher, Jody Waechter and Samantha Rogan once again coordinated with Operation: New View to sponsor a local family in need through a giving tree at the corporate office. The corporate staff donated money, gifts and time to help the family with items they needed and to make their holiday season a little brighter.
The corporate office also participated in a clothing drive. A large number of gently used clothes, jackets, blankets, hats and mittens were collected and donated to the Dubuque Rescue Mission. Mike O’Connor collaborated with a local dry cleaner to have the items cleaned before delivery.
Thank you all so much for your generosity and kindness!


Snyder wins Pride in Your Ride Contest

Congratulations to James Snyder, Foodliner driver for the Highspire, VA terminal, for submitting the winning entry for this year’s Pride in Your Ride Photo Contest. James will receive a $1,500 travel for two voucher.
Frank Craig, Foodliner driver for the Barksdale, MD terminal, took second place and will receive $500 cash. Third place went to Mark Jones Jr., an owner-operator for the Foodliner Eddyville, IA terminal, earning him $250 cash.
The nine honorable mentions will each receive $100 cash: Randy Meyer, Lake City, MN Foodliner driver; Ronnie Brinton, Stockton, CA Foodliner driver; Stuart Royse, Colton, CA Foodliner driver; Rockford Wagaman, Blue Grass, IA Quest Liner owner-operator; Troy Hicks, Foodliner driver; Wayne McCoy, Diamond, MO Foodliner driver; Charles Hildreth, Foodliner driver; Sonja Tucci, Foodliner driver; and Heath Lowry, Winchester, VA Foodliner driver.

Quest Liner Receives Safety Recognition

For the second consecutive year, Quest Liner is the recipient of the Dow Gold Safety Award for bulk transportation safety. Dow Chemical Company is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the world and has been Quest Liner’s largest customer for the past two years. The prestigious award, given on an annual basis by the Dow Chemical Company, recognizes carriers that experienced ZERO transportation safety related incidents during the year.
The award was presented during the 2016 Dow Director’s Safety Conference held, Oct. 5 in Midland, MI. Lori Pavlish, head of Dow Supply Chain Health, Safety, and Environmental programs, commented on Quest Liner’s growing presence with Dow and their continued commitment to safety in operations. In addition to the Gold Safety Award, Quest Liner received an Honorable Mention as Dow’s Carrier of the Year for 2015.
Thank you to the entire Quest Liner team for making safety and customer service a priority and for going above and beyond to make this award possible.

Quest Liner Driver Interview

Driver Name: Anthony Howard
Terminal: Ottumwa, IA    anthony-howard-1
Hometown: Ottumwa, IA
Time With Quest Liner: 5 months
Time in Industry: 3.5 years
Spouse’s Name: J. Michelle
Children’s Name: Tania, D’Angelo, Paris, Makaylah, Kendale, Chamine, Akeria, Anthony Jr., Rashard, Imani, Demario
Hobbies: Driving and basketball
Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?
A: Being with family.
Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?
A: Corn steep.
Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  What do you do to stay safe while performing that task?
A: Driving off course. Stay focused on the road, what is in front of you, beside you and ahead of you.
Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to and why?
A: Cargill Vitamin E because they know what they are doing.
Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?
A:  Driving and knowing I did my best.
Q: What help/advice would you give to a new driver with QLI to help them succeed?
A: Pay attention to your trainers and ask questions about everything.

DAD – Blue Grass blue-grass-dad-1

The Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal held its annual Driver Appreciation Day on Aug. 30. The event was well attended by drivers, tank wash and terminal staff, city officials, local businesses, customers, vendors, corporate staff and McCoy National Lease. Tours of the facility were given to allow guests to learn more about the Blue Grass terminal operations. The Blue Grass Driver Appreciation Day was a great success with approximately 100 people attending. Front, from left, Kenny Hammond, John Hermiston, Vern Ercke, Chuck Peeters and Joe Saur; back, Mike Birkett, Larry Plett and Jeff Wesenberg.

How to Handle Adverse Driving Conditions

adversedrivingAs winter weather sets in for most of the country, please take precautions to keep not only you and your equipment safe, but also others on the road. Please review and execute ten useful tips which will help you get your loads delivered safely this winter and bring you home safely to your family and loved ones.
Monitor the Weather
Knowing ahead of time that a storm is brewing is key to staying safe.  If a blizzard or wintery mix is predicted in your area, you can set into motion your plan of action for pickups and drop offs. Stay tuned to the radio, radar maps, or the Weather Channel for information on real-time road conditions.
Plan Your Trip
Before getting on the road, take the time to plan and map out your route according to the weather. Take into consideration that some roads may be closed or too rough to navigate. Plan alternate routes, safe parking places and pick-up and delivery times accordingly. Make sure to have a few alternate safe stops planned in case road conditions deteriorate.
Check Equipment Pre-trip and Mid-trip
It is vital to check your equipment before you hit the road, especially when winter weather strikes. Check that all lights are working properly, air is drained from the truck and trailer tanks to avoid frozen brake lines, and tire pressures to prevent a flat tire.
Have Extra Equipment/Supplies on Board
Be prepared for adverse conditions by having a few important items on board. Make sure to have:
•    chains (the right size)
•    bungees, flashlight, cell phone
•    waterproof gloves, reflective vest,
•    boots with good traction, warm clothing
•    food and water
•    extra washer fluid
Slow Down and Maintain a Safe Following Distance
Put the posted speed limits into context. If roads are covered in snow or ice, it might not be safe or feasible to maintain the normal speed limit. Slow down and only go as fast as you are reasonably able to. Make sure there is enough cushion space between you and the car ahead of you. This leaves you with options and adequate reaction time if your brakes aren’t working as quickly as they should.
Know What to do if You Lose Traction
There’s no fool-proof method for not losing traction in bad weather. If you do lose traction, never use the clutch or engine brake as this could make the situation worse. Gently let your foot off the pedal and steer in the direction that the back end of the vehicle is going, which should allow you to then gain back control.
Stay Focused and Know You and Your Vehicle’s Limitations
Reduce distractions inside the vehicle and avoid taking your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel. Remain calm and focused and avoid quick movements or evasive maneuvers. There may come a point in which the weather simply makes the roads too unsafe to travel. If your feel unsafe with adverse driving conditions, communicate immediately to your Fleet Manager and get off the road.

Blue Grass Terminal Participates in Pumpkin Dash

qli-pumpkin-dashErin Broderson, Quest Liner fleet manager assistant, and her son Clay, represented Quest Liner at the Blue Grass, IA Pumpkin Dash on Saturday, Oct. 15.  Quest Liner has set up a trick-or-treat station for the Pumpkin Dash since the event began six years ago.  The event was very well attended by the community with over 100 kids participating. Thank you Erin and Clay, for representing Quest Liner and making the day extra special for the children of Blue Grass, IA.

IMTA Truck Driving Championship Follow-Up

Ron Wiebold (left), Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal Time in industry: 15 years, Time with Quest Liner: 14 years Jeff Barnett, Quest Liner Ottumwa, IA terminal Time in industry: 16 years, Time with Quest Liner: 8 years
Ron Wiebold (left), Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal
Time in industry: 15 years, Time with Quest Liner: 14 years
Jeff Barnett, Quest Liner Ottumwa, IA terminal
Time in industry: 16 years, Time with Quest Liner: 8 years

On June 16-17, Ron Wiebold, Quest Liner driver, Blue Grass, IA terminal, and Jeff Barnett, Quest Liner driver, Ottumwa, IA terminal, participated in the 2016 Iowa Motor Truck Association Truck Driving Championship. The IMTA Truck Driving Championship, which has been held for over 50 years, showcases and recognizes the professional truck driver. Drivers from across Iowa came to complete, promote professionalism and instill pride in Iowa’s trucking industry.
This year, 128 drivers participated, representing 30 companies. Family members who attended to support the drivers joined in on the fun with a BBQ, children’s bike rodeo and mini stock car race track.
This was the first time Ron and Jeff participated in the Truck Driving Championship. As “rookies” of the event they both received a lot of encouragement and support from the IMTA staff and veterans of the event. Ron said, “Everyone made us rookies feel at ease. We were encouraged to be ourselves and have fun with it.” Jeff said that he received great pointers from the other drivers. “Everyone was so nice and professional.”
The most challenging event for Ron was the pre-trip inspection. Ten defects were planted on a truck and the driver had an allotted amount of time in which to perform the pre-trip inspection and find the defects. Both drivers agreed that the written test and personal interview were very extensive. Jeff said that it was difficult to prepare for the exam and interview as he didn’t know what to expect, “It was a learning year.”
The most enjoyable event for Ron and Jeff was the driving course. Drivers had to negotiate through different obstacles, stop in certain areas, and perform backing and turning maneuvers. Ron said that using a different type of tractor than he usually drove made the driving course more challenging. “You had to put your driving skills out in front of everyone.” Jeff agreed saying, “It looked easy, but was very difficult.”
The 2016 IMTA Truck Driving Championship concluded with the Banquet of Champions. All of the drivers, spouses and family members enjoyed a dinner and recognized the drivers for their participation. Each driver was individually called up to the stage where they were congratulated and the company they drive for was acknowledged. Each driver received a medallion, hat pin and certificate of participation.
Ron’s most memorable experience was the Banquet of Champions and sharing a wonderful meal with the other drivers and their families. “I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was apprehensive about participating. The Truck Driving Championship was challenging and fun at the same time. It is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.”
Jeff Barnett said that the experience was different than he expected. “I was reluctant to participate. I didn’t think I would like it but I had a blast. The best part was having my wife there with to cheer me on. It was an experience of a lifetime.”

Quest Liner Driver Interview gary-hertel

Driver Name: Gary Hertel
Terminal: Washington, IN
Hometown: Evansville, IN
Time With Quest Liner: 4.5 years
Spouse’s Name: Emily
Children’s Name: Gracie and Ryan
Hobbies: Hunting
Q: What do you enjoy doing on your time off from work?
A: Spending time with my children and family.
Q: What is the most interesting load you have hauled?
A: A load of jet fuel.
Q: What do you think is the most dangerous task for a truck driver?  What do you do to stay safe while performing that task?
A: Driving. I stay alert at all times.
Q: What is your favorite customer to deliver to and why?
A: Military bases. I’m helping our men and women in service so they can perform their jobs.
Q: What do you enjoy most or get the most satisfaction from in your job?
A:  Seeing that our customers are happy with our service.
Q: What help/advice would you give to a new driver with QLI to help them succeed?
A: Ask questions. The answer to a question you don’t ask could save your life and the lives of others.

Quest Liner employees go above and beyond

From left, Jim Barone and Gary Bozarth
From left, Jim Barone and Gary Bozarth

From Tim Yochum, Quest Liner General Manager

Gary Bozarth, Quest Liner driver, Jim Barone, Quest Liner owner operator, and Kyle Goodsman, Quest Liner terminal manager, all of the Channahon, IL terminal, recently handled a special project for one of the largest Quest Liner customers. Despite many delays and obstacles beyond their control, Gary, Jim and Kyle completed a successful delivery, exceeding expectations. From increased loads to faulty pumps and damaged hoses and broken pipes, the odds were stacked against a successful and timely delivery. Every day Gary and Jim charged forward, handling each obstacle with patience and expertise. They never lost site of the goal, exceptional customer service. Kyle Goodsman supported the drivers by handling the logistics which including making a special delivery himself to the consignee with new hoses. The customer was very happy with the results of the project and appreciated the extra effort put forth by Gary, Jim, and Kyle. Thank you all for working together as a team to provide professional, dedicated customer service!

Common Sense and Safety Go Hand in Hand

From Jeff Wesenberg, Executive VP & COO

As our company continues to grow and prosper, we take great pride in the fact that we have some of the best employees in the country. Our main goal is to operate safely and to have each teammate get home to their family safely each day.  We measure safety by using different methods.  A key measure that we all work with is CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability).
One area that we have worked to improve upon is Seat Belt Violations. While we have improved, we continue to experience these violations which result in 21 CSA points.  More important to us than the points is the fact that using seat belts increases safety.
•    53 percent of people killed or injured in vehicle crashes were not wearing a seatbelt
•    Wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of death or injury by 50%
•    Seatbelts will save as many as 13,000 lives/year if worn and used properly
Please review your professional driving habits as you start your next shift (or use your personal vehicle). Be sure to use your seatbelt as we want to have you with our team for many years.

From left, Lori Dawson (Eastman), Dan Beverly (Eastman); Kyle Goodsman, Quest Liner Midwest Capacity Manager and Channahon, IL Terminal Manager; Carl Recher, Quest Liner Vice President of Operations and Kevin Pruitt (Eastman).
From left, Lori Dawson (Eastman), Dan Beverly (Eastman); Kyle Goodsman, Quest Liner Midwest Capacity Manager and Channahon, IL Terminal Manager; Carl Recher, Quest Liner Vice President of Operations and Kevin Pruitt (Eastman).

Quest Liner Recipient of Eastman Chemical

Supplier Excellence Award

The Quest Liner Team is once again the recipient of the Eastman Chemical Supplier Excellence Award for bulk transportation service provided during the 2015 calendar year. The award was given during Eastman Supplier Day activities at their corporate retreat in Kingsport, TN on May 5.  Eastman Global Supply Chain Director Kevin Pruitt commented, “Since Quest Liner’s acquisition of Barnett Transportation, they have continued to grow as a valued supplier to Eastman Chemical in Anniston, AL and now in Argo, IL.” Accepting the Award for Quest Liner was Kyle Goodsman, Midwest Capacity manager and Channahon, IL terminal manager.
In order to receive the award for 2015, the Quest Liner Team provided outstanding sustainable pickup and delivery service and have no distribution incidents for the calendar year. Eastman also requires its carriers to provide “Innovative Supply Chain Ideas” to be considered for the award.  This allows the voice of the carrier to be heard and valued at Eastman.
Many thanks to the entire Quest Liner team for once again going above and beyond for one of our key growth prospects.

Russell praised for kind gesture

David Russell, Quest Liner driver for the Washington, IN terminal, recently went above and beyond for a funeral procession while on the job. David received the following commendation from a family member in the procession.


“On Friday June 24, my family and I were in a funeral procession for my wife’s great aunt. The procession needed to change lanes to make the turn into the cemetery, but were unable to until the driver of your truck, (David Russell), blocked traffic for us. He then pulled off on to the shoulder until we had all passed. My family and I would like to thank this driver for being so courteous and respectful during this time. It might not seem like much, but we greatly appreciate it. Please give him our thanks and wish him well. Thank You.”

Thank you, David, for your courteous and respectful actions and for demonstrating great professionalism.

Wiebold tabbed as finalist for driver award

Ron WieboldQuest Liner is happy to announce that Ron Wiebold has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Iowa Motor Truck Association Outstanding Professional Driver Award. He will represent Quest Liner at the IMTA Chairman’s Award Gala on Wednesday, September 21st in Cedar Rapids, IA. Ron is a driver for the Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal and has 16 years of experience in the trucking industry. He has a remarkable safety record with 1.6 million safe miles. He joined Quest Liner in 2002 and now shares his years of experience with new drivers as a Driver Trainer. Quest Liner would like to congratulate Ron on his success and thank him for his years of dedication safety.

schoolTips for Back-to-School Driving 

Follow the Speed Limit Slow down before you enter the school zone. Cover the brake pedal with your foot while scanning the road for children when you near a school.

Slow Down Take extra care to look out for children around school zones, parks, playgrounds and residential areas.

Be Alert Always keep an eye out for children darting into the street or crossing without looking both ways.

Eliminate Distractions Never use your mobile device behind the wheel and refrain from changing the radio station or eating and drinking.

Allow More Time As a new school year begins, allow yourself more time to arrive at your destination.

Yield to Pedestrians Pedestrians in a crosswalk have the right-of-way. Never block or stop with a portion of your vehicle over a crosswalk.

Watch for Bicycles Slow down and allow at least 3 feet of passing distance between your vehicle and the bicycle.

Look Out for New/Inexperienced Drivers Watch for teen drivers, especially near high school campuses.

Be Patient Never honk your horn, rev your engine or do anything to rush or scare a pedestrian, even if you have the legal right-of-way.

Get the Foodliner Mobile App! For both Foodliner and Quest Liner Drivers

The app is for registered Foodliner or Quest Liner drivers only. Log in required.

Available for iPhone or Android phone users.

  • Go to Google Play (Android) or
  • iTunes Store (iPhone) and search for Foodliner Mobile.


Caudron named finalist for IMTA award

Quest Liner is excited to announce that Kevin Caudron has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Iowa Motor Truck Association Outstanding Professional Driver award. He will represent Quest Liner at the IMTA Chairman’s Award Gala on Wednesday, September 21st in Cedar Rapids, IA. Kevin is a driver for the Quest Liner Blue Grass, IA terminal and joined the Quest Liner Blues Grass, IA terminal as a company driver in 2002 and his 17 years of experience in trucking are a great asset to Quest Liner. He has an impressive safety record and 1.7 million safe miles. Quest Liner would like to thank Kevin for his dedication and commitment to safety and congratulate him on his success.

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